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Month: October 2022

Decentralized Storage Alliance seeks to bridge the Web3 gap through education and advocacy

The organization said that it intends to promote awareness and adoption of decentralized technologies, such as Filecoin, IPFS and Libp2p. Decentralized storage network Filecoin has partnered with Protocol Labs and other participants within the Web3 ecosystem to launch the Decentralized Storage Alliance. According to the announcement, one of the main goals of the newly formed alliance […]
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Bitcoin, not blockchain: Synonym launches mobile BTC wallet

The new mobile wallet, called Bitkit, was unveiled at the PlanB Forum conference in Lugano, Switzerland on Oct. 29. Bitcoin and Lightning Network service provider Synonym has launched a new BTC-focused mobile wallet it says could enhance the user experience for holders of the flagship digital currency — and broaden Web3 adoption without relying on […]
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