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Into the storm: The murky world of cryptocurrency mixers

A handful of obfuscation protocols are competing for the user base of OFAC-sanctioned Tornado Cash. Cryptocurrency mixing services are a divisive subject in the industry. Some advocate for the privacy-enabling features of these protocols while others maintain that they are mainly used for illicit means. For platforms like Tornado Cash, the mainstream verdict is “guilty […]
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Mazars says users’ BTC reserves on Binance are fully collateralized

The scope of the AUP was limited to users’ BTC holdings on Binance. According to a new document published on Dec. 7, South-African auditor Mazars confirmed that cryptocurrency exchange Binance possessed control over 575,742.42 of customers’ Bitcoins (BTC) worth $9.7 billion at the time of publication. Through the process, Mazars stated that “Binance was 101% […]
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Proactive sanctions can help spare the ecosystem: Chainalysis exec

Andrew Fierman highlighted the nuances of sanctions depending on who is involved, what is at stake and where they’re coming from. As many countries, entities and even individuals face international sanctions, the crypto industry seeks to find its place among increasing regulations.  Digital currencies have often been mentioned as an avenue for those subject to […]
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Was the fall of FTX really crypto’s ‘Lehman moment?’

Lehman Brothers’ 2008 collapse nearly brought the world financial system to its knees. Does FTX really compare? Are such analogies even useful? The FTX collapse was bad, but how bad? Almost from the moment that the Bahamas-based exchange suspended cryptocurrency withdrawals in early November — and three days before it filed for bankruptcy — the […]
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Institutional investors still eye crypto despite the FTX collapse

Data sent by crypto exchange Bitstamp shows that institutional registrations in the trading platform increased by 57% in November. The negative effects caused by the FTX debacle have put the crypto space in an unfavorable light. However, institutional investors continued to show interest in the industry even at the height of the FTX controversy.  According […]
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